Monday, January 31, 2011

The year that was baked 2010

Because this is the begining of my blogging, I thought I'd back-track through all the baking highlights and lowlights I had last year.
So what happening in baking?
Cupcakes continued to be popular, brownie slices went nowhere, the macaron was crowned queen (I like the think of her as a girl) and well desserts, lets just say the mention of "egg" doesn't bring up thoughts of the chocolate easter variety any longer, it's all about "THAT" snow-egg.
Pierre Roelofs continued his dessert evenings at Cafe Rosamond, the "snickers" dessert was devoured and the women of the CWA continued to knock out knock-outs.
On the home front I made loads and loads and loads of cupcakes too, they are easy and appreciated by young ones who can help in the decorating. I'm rather partial to the Women's Weekly recipe card box "Patty Cake" recipe and I use an American recipe for chocolate. What are your favourite cupcake recipes.
I also continued to make biscotti, shortbread, chocolate tarts etc etc. These seem to be my staples.
I also invented a delicious chocolate and hazlenut swirl biscuit, but I'll do a post on biscuits which includes recipes later.
So here's a little slide show of my favourites


Huzzah I've joined the world of blogging. I'm into food, well pastries, so my posts will be mainly about that.
I'm about to start studying Patisserie at William Angliss in Melbourne and I'm really excited. I'm a Mum to two gorgeous and very energetic boys and married to a rather dashing man. I'm a recovering Business Analyst that originally studied Drawing at the Victorian College of the Arts eons ago.
I'm not slick, but I am genuine and opinionated and I'm passionate about all things baked.
I hope this blog allows me to keep record of my recipes, culinary adventures, classroom antics and life generally.
I am changing my career, late bloomer and all that, but I think I'm on the right road now.
D xx